Seamless and polymeric Floor Coating systems are preferred for hygienic, protective or decorative needs. Floor coatings are used as a protective layer on many substrates. They are generally tough. Hence, they are usually applied on area that heavily wears or corrodes such as warehouses, chemical plants, hospitals, shopping centers, stores, shops, garrages, parking lots and manufacturing plant floors. On the other hand, some can also be applied to brighten or define surfaces of various facilities, traffic routes and to cover stained concrete.Floor coatings are normally applied to protect and enhance different surfaces. Furthermore, they are used to repair cracks and chips before they worsen. Homeowners can save money because they are much easier preserve and clean. Usually they are virtually odor free to increase worker safety. Floor coatings have different types and each type exhibits different strenght and durability.

Self Levelling Solvent Free Epoxy Floor Coatings


Epoxies are one of the most popular industrial floor coating materials. Industrial epoxies typically cover other harder surfaces like concrete. They are made out of plastic based resins combined to create a liquid mixture, then spread over floor to dry into a very hard plastic surface. Solvent free epoxy floor coatings are the best suited for resurfacing applications. Epoxy floor coatings are also suitable for patching up exposed surfaces. This type of coatings exhibit high durability and low shrinkage when curing. Before applying them, the surface should be well cleaned. The setting style of these coatings include; Solvent free multilayer applications or waterborne epoxy multilayer applications. Epoxy floor coatings are also a greatly suited solution for garrage floors. With epoxies, the garrage floor will look more attractive while being extremely protected.

 Electrostatically Conductive Floor Coating Systems

This system is usually installed by industrial facilities that are working with dangerous goods and flammable solvent like materials as well as the risk of explosions. This system consists on stripping of conductive copper sheets and applicationm of specially developped conductive floor coatings which contain conductive carbon fibers. Small portions of whita sand is added in order to achieve a physically durable coating system.


KBK Coatings applicates all of listed systems with experienced technical application team




KBK Coatings produces three different types of road marking paints;

  • Chlorinated Rubber based road marking paint (1K, Cold Applied in thin films)
  • Methyl Methacrylate based road marking paint (2K, Cold Applied in thicker films)
  • Acrylic road markingpaint (1K, Cold Applied in thin films)


Beyond production of high quality road marking paints, with the help of its qualified and experienced technical application teams KBK Coatings also perform line stripping applications both at interior or exterior conditions.

In addition to road markings, we specialise in carparks and sport courts for academic, corporate, private, industrial and government applications. Please contact us for below requirements;

    • Local Authority & Transit Markings
    • Carparks
    • Sports Courts & Playground Marking
    • Industrial Safety Lines
    • Airport Markings
    • Shopping Centers Floor Signs
    • Full range of horizontal and vertical marking applications