About Us

KBK Coatings was established in the 1975 as a company of construction and contract. In 1979, it switched to paint industry. In 1981, changing its partnership status, it became a family company. In 1986, following a serious investment, the company moved to its new location in Gebze (one of the leading industrial districts in Turkey, next to Istanbul) based on 4000 m2 land among which 1500 m2 is closed production area. Thanks to same attack, it also renewed its technology and reduced its dependency on raw materials. Synthetic Resin, the core raw material in paint industry and the quality determiner of the paint, has been produced in our factory since 1986, with several technological renewals in between.
Our company has the certificates of ISO 9001:2000 and four other certificates (TS 5808, TS 11590, TS 604, TS 39) from respective Turkish Authority TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) as an approval of our high product standards. 
As a part of our TQM (Total Quality Management) strategy, we pay special attention to the needs of our clients and do the best in our laboratories to fulfil the exact needs of them. After a recent big investment step, today, we are able to produce any colour found in the nature you may wish to have, at any amount, and more important in fast velocity without an extra time need for production.




Product variety, on time delivery, post-sales support, trust and competitive prices are quality indicators and are among important factors in preferences of our clients who do look for paint, both for surface protection and aesthetics.It’s our company policy to improve ourselves in order to provide wide variety products, on time production and meeting the expectations of our clients.Our staff as a big team takes the full responsibility to meet the quality expectations of our clients. We believe in the fact that improving quality of our products on a continuous basis will be the best indicator for the value we attach to our respective clients.

We have no doubt in keeping the sustainability of our Quality Policy and its objectives by providing continuous trainings for our stuff.








Always paying special attention to the needs of its clients, KBK Coatings aims at being the market leader of Turkey and taking its place among the world leaders in the area of Industrial paints.

To reach this aim, KBK Coatings accepts constant and effective development as its mission with special attention to:

Being sensitive to environment and health of humans, Having flexible and effective production which prioritizes needs of clients, Constantly following technological innovations and applying them in its production, Maintaining its competitive prices and perceiving after-sales-support as a part of its task...