KBK Coatings presents  “Basics of Coatings Information Program” and “ Industrial Coatings Applicator Program” trainings for the staff of its customers without any charge.


What is Paint?
Historical development of colorants and paints.
Basic functions of using paints.
What is corrosion?
How do coatings protect metal surfaces against corrosion?
What are the main ingredients of industrial coatings?
Classification of Industrial coatings.
What are the most used coating types for industrial applications.
Comparison of industrial coatings performance.
Tests for determining properties of wet paint films.
Coating tests for dry film performance determination.
Most common industrial coating systems.
Criterias for coating selection.
Preparation of surfaces to be coated.
Surface preparation methods.
Application of industrial coatings.
Methods for coating applications.
Paint application equipments.
Special equipments for special coatings.
Suitable ambient conditions for correct paint applications.
Hazards of coating jobs. ( This part is presented by doctors for Occupational Safety)
Safe coating conditions. ( This part is presented by doctors for Occupational Safety)
PPE selections. ( This part is presented by doctors for Occupational Safety)
Correct use of PPE. ( This part is presented by doctors for Occupational Safety)




This training is presented with the help of visual and practical techniques. During the first day, participants are informed detailed about industrial coatings and applications with the help of visual training methods. Second day, program is intensively focussed on practical applications.

1st Day covers headlines listed below

Surface preparation methods.
Proper ambient conditions and environmental measures for industrial coating projects.
Paint application equipments and tools.
Delivery and storing procedures and rules for industrial coatings.
Preparing paints for applications.
Thinning of paints.
Paint mixing methods.
Filtration of paints.
Multicoat anticorrosive coating systems.
Industrial coating types.
Factors to effect industrial coatings performance.
Coated surface defects and methods of correction.
Inspecting coating jobs, usage of proper PPE.


2nd Day;

Application performance of paint applicators is tested acording to ASTM D 4228 (Evaluating application performance of industrial coating applicators). Test panels which are prepared according to this standard represents the most difficult surface geometry for applicators. Applicators are requested to perform their trials on ASTM D 4228 panels. Properties of dried paint films are checked with the help of inspection instruments. Certificate of Achievement is then prepared in the name of successful participants.